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  • ◆ 07.2016

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. equipped new wire EDM, CUT300mS.

  • ◆ 06.2016

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped cylindrical grinder, GE4Pi-5.

  • ◆ 03.2016

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped 5 axis micro centre YBM Vi40.

  • ◆ 09.2015

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. will exhibit Dies and Machines at 2nd Automotive Components Processing Technology Expo.
    Official website of the exhibition:

    Automotive Components Processing Technology Expo 2016

  • ◆ 08.2015

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. equipped new machining center, YMB950V Ver.V.

  • ◆ 07.2015

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. equipped new wire EDM, CUT2000.

  • ◆ 11.2014

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped new jig grinder H35-400CNC.

  • ◆ 05.2014

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped Gate type machining centre MCV-A II.

  • ◆ 09.2013

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped wire EDM machine CUT3000 and 5 axis machining centre YBM Vi40.

  • ◆ 12.2012

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped wire EDM machine CUT1000.

  • ◆ 11.2012

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped high speed machining centre YMB 9150.

  • ◆ 11.2011

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. hosted many visitors at Komaki factory as the exclusion of Die Technology Workshop 2011 in Gifu.

  • ◆ 10.2011

    Indonesian Mold & Die Association visited Komaki factory. Indonesian Mold & Die Association gifted us a souvenir. Thank you!

  • ◆ 10.2011

    Our approach to manufacturing dies, Making dies with mathematics was introduced at People and System No.63 by NTT Data Engineering Systems Corporation.

  • ◆ 10.2011

    Komaki factory was selected as one of the destinations of the exclusion by Die Technology Workshop 2011 in Gifu

  • ◆ 08.2011

    Internship student from Gifu University.

  • ◆ 06.2011

    We gave a presentation about our approach to manufacturing dies with the title of Making dies with mathematics at Die Technology Conference 2011.

  • ◆ 06.2010

    The homepage was renewed.

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