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  • ◆ 2024/03

    We’ll see you at Smart Manufacturing Summit!

    We’ll exhibit our automation technology and die technology at Smart Manufacturing Summit.
    For the first time, we show you our die and automation technology by MR.
    You can “touch and feel” them in a real scale and real movement.
    Please come and visit us at Aichi Digital Island both in Aichi prefecture pavilion!

    Place: Aichi Sky Expo
    Date: 2024/3/13(Wed.)- 3/15(Fri.) From 10:00 to 18:00(The last day will end at 16:00.)
    Entrance fee: Free(Pre-Registration is necessary.)
    Place: Aichi Digital Island Booth (MR) and Automation area in Aichi prefecture pavilion (Hall C/D)

  • ◆ 07.2016

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. equipped new wire EDM, CUT300mS.

  • ◆ 06.2016

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped cylindrical grinder, GE4Pi-5.

  • ◆ 03.2016

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped 5 axis micro centre YBM Vi40.

  • ◆ 09.2015

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. will exhibit Dies and Machines at 2nd Automotive Components Processing Technology Expo.
    Official website of the exhibition:

    Automotive Components Processing Technology Expo 2016

  • ◆ 08.2015

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. equipped new machining center, YMB950V Ver.V.

  • ◆ 07.2015

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. equipped new wire EDM, CUT2000.

  • ◆ 11.2014

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped new jig grinder H35-400CNC.

  • ◆ 05.2014

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped Gate type machining centre MCV-A II.

  • ◆ 09.2013

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped wire EDM machine CUT3000 and 5 axis machining centre YBM Vi40.

  • ◆ 12.2012

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped wire EDM machine CUT1000.

  • ◆ 11.2012

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. equipped high speed machining centre YMB 9150.

  • ◆ 11.2011

    MUTSUMI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. hosted many visitors at Komaki factory as the exclusion of Die Technology Workshop 2011 in Gifu.

  • ◆ 10.2011

    Indonesian Mold & Die Association visited Komaki factory. Indonesian Mold & Die Association gifted us a souvenir. Thank you!

  • ◆ 10.2011

    Our approach to manufacturing dies, Making dies with mathematics was introduced at People and System No.63 by NTT Data Engineering Systems Corporation.

  • ◆ 10.2011

    Komaki factory was selected as one of the destinations of the exclusion by Die Technology Workshop 2011 in Gifu

  • ◆ 08.2011

    Internship student from Gifu University.

  • ◆ 06.2011

    We gave a presentation about our approach to manufacturing dies with the title of Making dies with mathematics at Die Technology Conference 2011.

  • ◆ 06.2010

    The homepage was renewed.

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